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FREE Intro to Barre!

An In-Depth Intro to Barre - New Local Clients Only

    Class Description

    *NEW, LOCAL CLIENTS ONLY!* Try our signature Barre class in a small group setting, while we go into more detail on the technique, the method, and slow things down so you feel ready and comfortable in a regular group class! This is your chance to see what our studio and what Barre is all about. You'll also receive a discount code to use towards a class package! Experience the ultimate low impact, full body workout with our Signature Barre class. This high-intensity class combines elements of dance-inspired movements, Pilates, strength training, and yoga, all set to heart-pumping playlists that will leave you feeling energized and strong. Suitable for all levels, and with fresh, creative moves each week, no two classes will ever be the same. Join us for a challenging and fun workout that will transform your body and mind. Set your SOL on fire!

    Upcoming Sessions

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